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Franchise Law: Frequently Asked Questions

Franchisors and franchisees and licensors and licensees have a wide range of paperwork to complete before opening a business. Both franchisors and franchisees are in the trade of making money, which can lead to complicated wording in trademark paperwork as well as ongoing negotiation to open the franchised business. Working with an established franchise law attorney to guide you through the process is the best way to avoid conflict and have legal guidance until all paperwork has been completed.

Working with Lipresti Law near Boston is a great way to connect with experienced franchise lawyers who can walk any franchisor or franchisee through the necessary steps it takes to finalize and start your next franchise business.

What is a franchisor?

A franchisor is an established entrepreneur with a business model that allows people (franchisees) to buy licenses or trademarks to open their own franchise business.

What is a franchisee?

A franchisee is any person looking to start their own franchise by purchasing a trademark or license from a franchisor.

What is a franchise business?

A franchise is a business in which a franchisee buys the rights or licenses to open the franchise under the franchisors established name and trademark. Typically, franchisees will pay a royalty to the franchisor throughout the life of the business in order to operate under the trademark name.

Why hire a franchise lawyer?

Hiring a franchise lawyer is important due to the mass amounts of paperwork and legal regulations needed to open a franchise. Lipresti Law has license-related experience and can help franchisors establish and read disclosures, adhere to compliance, and prepare registrations.

Can franchise lawyers represent franchisors and franchisees?

Most franchise lawyers have the experience to give legal guidance to both franchisors and franchisees, however, Lipresti Law will never represent both sides of a case.

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