Corporate & Outside General Counsel Services

Ramp up to Success with Flexible, Cost-Effective Corporate/Outside General Business Counsel Services

Companies of all sizes constantly face day-to-day decisions that are weighed down by legal ramifications. Operating a business without quick access to superior legal advice and insight increases risks, slows operations, and hinders growth.


Don't let legal become a choke point in your growing business

We offer flexible solutions for consistent, high-quality, cost-effective legal services to start-up, established, closely held, and family-owned entities across a range of industries. Our legal services are ideal for entrepreneurs, established business owners, family offices, and executives who need timely, effective assistance.


Partner with a legal team that understands you

We get to know your business and align legal budgets with ongoing strategic planning taking into account your current operations, past history, and future goals.

We work closely with you to proactively identify, understand, and manage the legal risks facing your business. We collaborate with you to create and implement a plan forward with right-sized legal protections for operations and growth.


You can expect:

  • Focused advice on legal obligations, rights, and responsibilities
  • Notification of potential legal issues before they arise
  • Third-party perspective removed from your business's internal decision-making processes and typical chain-of-command
  • Support business owners and boards of directors as well as executive management, sales, human resources, finance, administrative, and operations personnel
  • Open access to your legal team for routine and unexpected legal concerns

We have experience across a vast array of industries including business services, banking and financial services, SaaS, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, medical device, and real estate.


Cost-effective Legal Coverage

We offer collaborative pricing solutions so you can save money, maximize your legal budget and have attorneys available to assist you and your business as needed.

Save the cost of recruiting, retaining, and maintaining the high salary and associated expenses associated with a full-time in-house lawyer while allowing yourself access to a team of business attorneys.


  • Our Outside General Counsel Services include, without limitation:
  • Senior Attorney Consulting
    • Day-to-day legal advice and counseling on general and industry-specific legal matters
    • Strategic evaluation of business and legal risks
    • Growth and financing objectives
  • Formation/Structuring
    • Formation and maintenance of subsidiaries and/or affiliates
    • Subsidiary governance
  • Corporate Governance
    • Attend shareholder, board, and management meetings
    • Preparation of corporate governance documents for all entity types
      • Holding shareholder, board, and member meetings and composing meeting minutes
      • Preparing shareholder, board, and member resolutions and consents in lieu of meetings
    • Counseling officers and directors on fiduciary duties and strategic considerations
  • Employment
    • Employee offer letters and employment agreements
    • Confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements
    • Independent contractor agreements
    • Restrictive covenant agreements (non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disparagement)
    • Employee compensation, benefit and incentive plans
    • Employee terminations
    • Separation and release agreements
  • Commercial Contracts including, without limitation, agreements with customers, strategic partners, vendors, and consultants
    • Drafting, review and negotiation of commercial contracts
    • Commercial contracts management - implement standard commercial agreements / programs and establish standard contracting processes and controls
  • Technology and information management and security strategies
    • Software/technology agreements (outbound, inbound/vendor, development, outsourcing)
    • Licensing Agreement
  • Real Estate
    • Commercial real estate acquisitions, financings and divestures
    • Leasing (landlord and tenant representation)
      • Drafting /negotiation
      • Amendments
      • Assignments
      • SNDAs
  • Capital Raises
    • Assistance with equity finance and capital-raising strategy
    • Preparation and negotiation of term sheets
    • Convertible Note and SAFE fundraising
    • Angel, friends & family, Series A and subsequent fundraising activities
  • Financing
    • Assistance with financing strategies and negotiation and of term sheets
    • Routine debt financings and banking agreements
  • Executive Compensation
    • Stock options, restricted stock agreements, and equity and non-equity based incentive compensation.
    • Design, set up, and administration of option grants and other equity incentive plans
  • Joint Ventures
    • Identification of appropriate joint venture partners and structure
    • Assistance with negotiation of joint venture letters of intent
    • Preparation and negotiation of key joint venture and partnership agreements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Preparation, review, and negotiation of LOI/term sheet
    • Due diligence assistance
    • Preparation, review, and negotiation of purchase agreement and ancillary agreements
    • Handling intensive closing process and post-acquisition integration
1) Our attorneys take a practical, efficient approach to understanding a business's issues and provide timely, effective assistance.
2) Our attorneys assist clients in the following industries: business services, SaaS, banking & financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, medical device and real estate.
Why Choose LLPC as Your Outside General Business Counsel?

1) Get to know a business while aligning legal budget with ongoing strategic planning
    a. Provide focused advice on legal obligations, rights and responsibilities.
    b. Identify likely legal issues before they arise.
    c. Understand the business's current operations, past history and future goals.
    d. Objective, third-party perspective removed from your business's internal decision-making processes and typical chain-of-command.

2) Access to attorneys
    a. First call for business issues with legal implications.
    b. Legal issues present themselves at unpredictable times and often call for quick responses.

3) Save money/maximize the budgeted value for a business's legal spend and identify and implement creative pricing solutions
    a. Save the costs of recruiting, retaining and maintaining the high salary and associated insurance expenses associated with one or more full-time in-house lawyers, and expenses associated with ongoing employee benefits that your business provides full-time executive employees.